Why Helltown Motors?

Take a look at the long list of advantages of purchasing a car with us.

What are the Advantages of Buying From Helltown Motors?

  1. Breaking the Mold  Here at Helltown Motors, we break the “used car dealerships” mold. Our personable and helpful staff is dedicated to putting you in the used car or truck that suits you. No high pressure tactics and no pushy salesmen. Just a  family business that wants to satisfy any and all of our customers’ needs.
  2. A Family Business  Is being a family business really an advantage for our customers? In our case, it is! We come from various backgrounds, but we started this business because we ALL have a passion for cars and trucks. We enjoy purchasing cars each and every week. But that can’t be a worthwhile experience for us without helping to match our vehicle to the people who want and need them. This IS our reason for being in business, because we understand that by doing a good job at matching customers with quality cars …we can continue our business and make a good living at the same time. Were not about cutting corners. We want satisfied customers that always bring us their cars for maintenance and repair …and who come to us when their ready for a new one.
  3. Guaranteed Approval Financing is easy with Helltown Motors. We work with some of the best financing companies in the area in order to get you a quick and reasonable quote, even if you are credit challenged. We fully understand that we aren’t only in the car business ….were in the putting people into cars business, and this requires financing options that you can actually afford AND be approved for.
  4. Rigorous Inspections  Each used car on the Helltown Motors’ lot has gone through rigorous inspection to ensure the safety and reliability of our vehicles. We assure you – every possible step has been taken to ensure that you will not be dissatisfied with your purchase. No more returning to the dealership the same month of purchase for service. Let me tell you a story about a local used car purchase and you let me know if you can relate at all —>> Click Here.
  5. Our Repair Facility  We have every incentive to help keep your car on the road. But there are a couple of reasons that set our shop apart from many of the other dealerships out there. One — Our mechanic is a Certified ASE Master tech. We don’t employ uneducated mechanics who are learning on the job for $10 an hour. And Two — we aren’t in business to fix cars. You may not realize this, but for most dealerships …their service department generates more revenue that their sales departments. But we aren’t in that business. We made the decision to primarily service ONLY our own customers. In doing so we are able to stay small. We work to insure every vehicle we sell is ready for its new owner. And then we work to keep those cars running smoothly until you are ready for a new one.
  6. Maintenance Plans  Like most used car dealers, Helltown Motors offers maintenance plans on most of the cars we sell. We offer a quality plan and service those plans in our own facility. But maintenance plans don’t make sense on every deal, and we insist that the plan make sense for you and the vehicle you’ve chosen. Not simply because there is money for us to make by selling you on an extended service plan.
  7. Gap Insurance  The same is true for GAP insurance. He offer a quality GAP insurance plan. But the plan has to make sense for your deal and your situation. No pressure from us to purchase add-ons that simply don’t make sense in your circumstance.

Come in and talk to us about why we believe were a good choice for your business. We are passionate about cars, and we want nothing more than give you a quality automobile and a reasonable cost. We source that vehicle and take baby steps to prepare it for its new owner. By putting you in a car you love, were able to head out again this week and find a handful of quality cars to keep us moving forward:-) Truly a win-win business model in our opinion.


Guaranteed Approval

Options for every situation. Ren’T’Own, Finance or CASH!


We provide MORE options that most dealers in the area. Financing is a HUGE part of our business. Its our job to find you the financing you need, because if we fail to find you financing …we can’t possibly put you in the car of your dreams. So we take financing seriously. We provide option’s that include our popular Ren’T”Own model, traditional purchase financing for those with challenged credit, and super LOW cash prices for anyone looking to get a good car at a very fair price.

In some cases, these options can actually change lives. And we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We do everything we can to insure every single customer that comes to us and needs financing has an option available that make sense to them and their unique situation.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Which is more important: Vehicle price or vehicle quality? How much can you afford to buy? Let us look into the details and give you a breakdown that spells out your options clearly and give you buying options that others may not be able to offer.
  • Which is more important: Lower monthly payments but higher down payment — or lower down payment and higher monthly payments?
  • Which is more important: Building ownership value and paying off your vehicle, even though it means higher monthly payments — or building no ownership value, with the benefit of significantly lower monthly payments?
  • Do you drive no more than an “average” amount of miles in a year — or is your mileage highly unpredictable?
  • Do you take good care of your cars and maintain them properly — or do you prefer be more lax about such things?
  • Do you have a stable lifestyle such that you will not want to pay off your car early — or is there a high likelihood of wanting out early?

Deciding how much you can afford is not the same thing as finding out how much you are able to borrow.

At Helltown Motors we spell out all the options as clearly as possible, so you can make an informed decision.

To summarize, we can guarantee financing on your next vehicle purchase. And we will work with you to put you in the most car value that you can possibly afford …considering all of YOUR unique circumstances. For some, this will mean our popular Ren’T’Own option. Read more about the value Ren’T’Own offers, and why this option is a fantastic choice to avoid the typical cycle that many buyers with challenged credit find themselves stuck in. MORE car, MORE options ….Helltown Motors!


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Where is the Value?

Understand the ways Helltown Motors offer you more value.

We believe there is an absolute value in buying a car from Helltown Motors. So to sum up what we feel are our many advantages, lets walk through the entire value proposition.

The Vehicle

Absolutely everything starts with the automobile of your choice. CAR-FAVICON_1_

Initially this begins with sourcing the best vehicles at the best prices available, no matter where that may lead us. We then recondition those vehicles and prepare them for sale. Each vehicle goes through a thorough inspection process, parts are ordered, fluids are changed, and the vehicle is detailed to look and perform its best before its actually put up for sale.

The vehicle will then be added to our website. We understand that our presentation of cars on our webcarfax1site is often the first exposure to what we have to offer. We try to provide detail that others simply don’t.

In addition, each vehicle is listed with a link the Carfax vehicle history report.

The Financing

For most of our customers, the deal cant happen without vehicle financing. And, vehicle financing that you can afford. With a simple click, and a small application …you can get an instant decision on your next vehicle purchase. At Helltown Motors, we absolutely do offer Guaranteed Approval!

Keeping You on the Road

car repair1Keeping you on the road is as important is getting you into your new car in the first place. Used cars can be a challenge at times and every car needs a little attention in a good repair facility.

We are a small facility that focuses on customers who have purchased a car directly from us. This allows us to provide you with better quality service. We do everything we can to keep our costs low so that we can help you to keep your car rolling for years into the future.

Today’s cars can stay on the road for literally hundreds of thousand of miles more than the cars of the past. A well maintained car with 200,000 miles often runs incredibly better than a poorly maintained car with 100,000.

Our shop will help keep you on the road until you’re ready for another vehicle purchase at Helltown Motors!

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