Is Guaranteed Financing a reality?
AYes, it is! There may be situations where our financing options won’t make sense for a particular buyer. But we have options for everyone. Approval is incredibly easy. So why not apply today and get approved in a matter of minutes. Apply Now!

Who should consider purchasing a car from Helltown Motors?
AAbsolutely anyone looking to get into a quality used car should consider the advantages of our dealership. Whether you’re looking for an economy car, and SUV or 4WD Truck,  there are advantages that you may not have considered in purchasing from a family run business in Front Royal. Look at the “Our Advantages” page, or give us a call anytime and we’ll explain why purchasing from Helltown Motors is a great fit for most anyone.

Where should I take my vehicle when it needs repair or maintanence?
AWe encourage anyone who buys a car at Helltown Motors, to use our shop for all your maintenance and repair needs. We offer an important advantage over most other dealerships. We are not in the business of repairing cars. Most other dealerships make more money from their parts and service departments then they do from sales. We don’t like or want that business model. Our certified master mechanic is an owner in the company, and he is here to recondition the cars we purchase for our customers, and keep them running for as long as they own them, period! We keep our costs low, so that your repair and maintenance costs are as low as they can possibly be. By doing this, we hope to be your choice when its time to purchase your next car.

Is it always better to buy the car or truck that has a lower number of miles?
ADepends. There are cases where all things are equal, especially when the car is a late model auto …where the obvious choice would be the car with lower mileage. But after purchasing hundreds of cars, we clearly understand that a well maintained car with alot of highway miles can be a much better purchase than a neglected car with fewer miles. My advise would be choose a car that’s been well maintained and meets your needs. If you really like your car and it’s been well maintained, today’s cars can exceed mileage expectations easily. And if the car or truck has been maintained, anything CAN be repaired or replaced to keep that vehicle on the road. 

Should I purchase a maintenance plan with my car or truck?
AAgain, it depends.  In most cases, if you can afford the monthly payment of the car with the price of the plan included …a good maintenance plan makes perfect sense. It’s especially important if it’s important for you to know the monthly cost of owning an automobile. In many cases, this added piece of mind is well worth the cost of the plan. We offer a fantastic plan with low deductibles on most vehicle sold at Helltown Motors. All repairs made under the maintenance plan can be made right here in our facility.

Can I trade in a car when purchasing from you?
AAbsolutely! We love it when buyers trade in their old car and get a new one. We are constantly buying cars and trucks and welcome your trade with open arms. We can take your trade regardless of whether your trading up (a more expensive car,) or trading down (a more affordable option.) Bring in your trade and find the new car or truck you’ve been looking for. 

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