Dealer or Independent? Which is Better?

To lease, you have two possible choices: either lease through a dealer’sfinance source or through an independent lease company like Kiser Auto Leasing, LLC.

A conventional dealer has a captive finance source, which can be the car manufacturer’s financial company, such as BMW Financial Services, Honda Motor Credit or General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC), or a major
national bank such as Chase Manhattan.

Independent lease companies have no financial obligation to any singleone manufacturer financing source, but work with dealers anywhere in the country.

Conventional dealers sometimes offer lease-deals on limited-time promotions. Factory-subsidized cars that have subverted money factors and residuals are very attractive lease deals and can be very hard to beat anywhere else. But at Kiser Auto Leasing, LLC we almost always beat the promotions that dealers make.

We offer the flexibility of our FREEDOM LEASE! which allows you to cancel your lease at any time (with 30-days written notice,) and we offer you unbiased and professional advice on leasing a vehicle. This is because we are
not tied to a single manufacturer or financing source, unlike conventional dealers who have to sell specific models.

We can also be more flexible regarding negotiating lease terms like residual value and mileage. Ultimately, if you prefer a more personal and customer-oriented relationship with your leasing agent, and you want to take advantage of the ability to cancel anytime, then you wont find a better offer than those with Kiser Auto Leasing, LLC.

How to spot a good car lease?

Often, the most important consideration is the amount of money you have to spend for down payments on the lease. A down payment refers to the lump sum amount that you pay upfront, either in cash, non-cash credit or trading allowance, to reduce your monthly payment. This is usually one of the largest factors in getting the lowest total cost of your vehicle expenses per year.

Dealers typically require a very large down payment.

You should think twice before putting money down on a lease with a dealer: not only are you getting a rough deal, as you’re essentially forfeiting the general rule of leasing: not putting out alot of cash upfront, but the money is not recoup-able at the end of your lease. Kiser Auto Leasing, LLC has one of the lowest down payments available to get you into a new car lease.

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