Our Biggest Advantage is our FREEDOM LEASE!

Leasing with Kiser Auto Leasing, LLC you get the advantage of our Freedom Lease. Unlike typical new car leases, you may cancel your lease anytime with 30 days written notice. Not only does this allow you to get into a new car, or a different car, more often …it also offers you an easy and zero cost way to exit your lease should you need to end the lease due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lower Monthly Payments – Because you only pay for the portion of the value of the car  that you actually use, your monthly lease payments are much lower than for a purchase loan for the same car and same term. You don’t pay extra money each month to “invest” in ownership equity.

Low Down Payment – Our leasing provides the option of making a low down payment, although you must still make the first month’s payment and processing fees. Most other promotional lease deals require a much higher down payment to get the deal.

More Car, More Often – Since our monthly lease payments are lower than with buying, you get more car for your money and can drive a new vehicle every one to two years. Our vehicle can often be leased for the same or lower payments than loan payments for a less expensive economy vehicle.

Fewer Maintenance Headaches – We lease vehicles for a term that coincides with the length of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage so that if something goes wrong with the car, the repairs are always covered.

Lower Up-front Cash Outlay – Most other car leases require a much higher down payment, which makes getting into a new car more expensive. With us, you can choose to make a much lower down payment, or trade in your old vehicle, to lower your monthly payment amount. Preservation of cash is a strong incentive to lease.

Lower Tax Bite – In Virginia, you don’t pay sales tax on the entire value of a leased vehicle as you would if you purchased. You’re only taxed on the portion of the value that you use during your lease. The tax is spread out and paid along with your monthly lease payment instead of being paid all at once.

No Used-Car Hassles – With leasing, the headaches of selling a used car are eliminated. When your lease ends, you simply turn it back to the leasing company and walk away, unless you decide to buy it or trade it.

GAP Coverage Included – Our car leases automatically include free “gap” protection in case your vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen, which pays off your vehicle when insurance doesn’t cover the full loss. Loans do not generally come with automatic GAP protection and must be purchased separately.

Leasing vs. buying is a personal decision. All of us have different personal styles, objectives, and priorities — in cars, life, and in finances. Car lease-versus-buy decisions must be made with your own lifestyle and priorities in mind. What’s right for one person can be totally wrong for another.