water-drops-150x150It is very good and suggested to wash your car regularly once or twice a week so that it appears fantastic. However, you may be washing your car in the most perfect mode keeping in mind all the essential cleaning parameters as well.

But, it is very important that you keep certain vital points in mind regarding moisture or water drops that scatter over the surface of your vehicle once the entire washing is completed. These water drops or moisture tend to give a bad appearance or look to the vehicle. It may appear as if your vehicle has not been washed for a long time.

It may give a very unpleasant look due to the emergence of water drops or moisture. Hence, it is imperative to dry your vehicle in the most accurate technique so that any type of moisture is completely eliminated. These water stains appear on the surface of a vehicle because it contains several types of chemicals and minerals. When these chemical and minerals are subjected to sunlight they tend to give water spots or moisture. The surrounding climate may also have a direct impact on the emergence of water spots on your vehicle.

The morning dew will also leave water spots on your vehicle and the overall appearance of the car may be unpleasant. Dust can also settle on water spots or moisture and this can completely ruin the overall look of your vehicle.

Therefore, it is always suggested to cover your vehicle with a big car cover so that any type of moisture, dust, scratch or dent may be negated. On the other hand, you can park the vehicle in your garage as well and this procedure can completely save the vehicle from any type of moisture, dust or scratch. However, the garage should have ample space so that your car can be parked in the most perfect technique without any space constraint. Whether you dry your car immediately after a certain wash or afterwards you have to dry it without fail otherwise moisture will appear and that would be very horrible. Nevertheless, you can get rid of moisture or water spots if you try to use vinegar in your overall car washing. You just have to add few drops of vinegar in your car washing water. You will be amazed by the fact that there will not be any traces of moisture and water spots left on your car.

You have to add drops of vinegar in appropriate quantity so that the water does not turn smelly. Alternatively, you can also use a damp cloth with vinegar in it in order to remove water spots from your car. This can be the most useful and effective way to get rid of moisture from your car. Once you have finished using a damp cloth with vinegar you just need to rinse your car with a dry cloth so that any type of bad odour from vinegar may vanish immediately. If you want to get rid of moisture in the very primary stage then you can use carnauba wax for this specific purpose. This type of wax is very advantageous in removing moisture from your car without any doubt. Once you have completely washed your car apply a thin layer of carnauba wax. However, you have to make it sure that you keep your car away from direct sunlight as it can remove the wax from the surface of your car and that can turn out to be very nasty. You have to use carnauba wax in appropriate quantity for utmost output and keep it away from direct sunlight as well.

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